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Beijing Global Talent Exchange Promotion Association Charter

Chapter I General provisions

Article 1 The name of this association is: Beijing Global Talent Exchange Promotion Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association), the English name Beijing Global Talent Exchange Association, abbreviation GTA.

Article 2 In accordance with the provisions of the Regulations on the Registration and Administration of Social Organizations, the Association will be jointly initiated by the units and individuals engaged in international talents and technical exchanges in Beijing. It is a non-profit society group approved by the Beijing Municipal Social Organization Registration and Management Authority.

Article 3 The purpose of this Council is to abide by the Constitution, laws, regulations and national policies, to practice the core values of socialism, to abide by the social morality, and to promote the exchange of international talents, technologies and high-tech projects under the guidance of the strategic thinking of strengthening the country. Cooperation, help innovation drive development strategy, provide strong intellectual and intellectual support for economic and social development, promote the development of Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, Beijing and the whole country; guide members to standardize construction and integrity and self-discipline, and enhance exchanges between members and Cooperation to promote members' ability to improve their services and help members create public value.

Article 4 In accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of the Communist Party of China, the Association establishes the organization of the Communist Party of China, carries out party activities, and provides necessary conditions for the activities of the party organization. If the conditions for party organization are not established separately, the party's work may be guided through the establishment of a joint party organization or the selection of party building work instructors by higher party organizations. The Association invites the heads of party organizations to attend or attend the management meeting of the Association. The party organizations provide opinions on the decision-making, important business activities, large expenditures, receiving large donations, and conducting foreign-related activities.

The registration management organ of the Association is the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, and the business guidance unit is the Management Committee of the Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park of the Beijing Municipal People's Government.

The Association accepts the business guidance and supervision of the registration management agency, the business guidance unit, and the party building leadership.

Article 5 Office location of the Association: Room 62041, Friendship Hotel, No. 1 South Street, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing.


Chapter II Business Scope

Article 6 The business scope of the Association: to carry out international talent research, talent introduction and training, talent information database construction, talent base construction, professional consulting training and exhibition, government commissioned projects, international exchanges and cooperation, editing and publishing professional publications. Specifically:

(1) Research on international talents: research on talent ecological environment, research on talent certification system, research on talent credit rating, research on the working system of foreign talents in China;

(2) Talent introduction and training: establish talent introduction channels, train economic, science and technology, industry, law, education and other skilled talents; introduce high-level talents at home and abroad; actively participate in the construction of incubators and science and technology parks; strengthen foreign academicians workstation services Construction work of the center;

(3) Construction of talent information base: establish a talent information platform, organize exchanges in different places, provide technical and academic services; supervise member units to operate according to law, build an industry public service platform; issue relevant industry integrity service conventions; establish foreign expert libraries;

(4) Construction of talent bases: joint universities, research institutes and enterprises to create international talent bases, provide face-to-face exchanges and cooperation places for talents, organize technology transfer grafts, establish innovative and entrepreneurial ecological parks, and build talents towns and international talent communities;

(5) Professional consultation training and exhibition: organizing professional consultation, academic exchange, professional skills training, exhibition; organizing foreign talent recruitment fairs; organizing high-level talent innovation and entrepreneurship docking activities at home and abroad;

(6) Government entrusted projects: undertake professional projects entrusted by the government and other institutions and organize implementation; participate in relevant industry development, industry reforms, and government decision-making arguments related to industry interests, and put forward proposals on economic and industrial policies and legislation, and participate in the NPC, Relevant hearings organized by the government;

(7) International exchanges and cooperation: extensively carry out international talents, technical exchanges and cooperation, introduce talents, technologies and projects; organize overseas exchanges, inspections and training;

(8) Editing and publishing publications: editing and publishing talents, technical professional publications, editing and publishing related newsletters, electronic journals, etc. Carry out laws, regulations, rules and other activities as stipulated in the Articles of Association.


Chapter III Members

Article 7 This association is composed of individual members and unit members.

Article 8 Members applying to join the Association must meet the following conditions:

(1) Advocating and abiding by the Constitution of the Association;

(2) having the will to join the association;

(3) having certain influence in the business (industry, discipline) of the Association;

(4) The unit member shall be an entity legal entity established according to law;

(5) Individual members focus on high-level international talents (in principle, master's degree or above);

(6) Actively participate in meetings and events organized by the Association;

(7) Paying the dues as required.

Article 9 The procedures for membership membership are:

(1) Fill in the application form and submit it to the Secretariat;

(2) Discussed through the board of directors;

(3) A membership card is issued by the agency secretariat authorized by the board of directors.

Article 10Members have the following rights:

(1) The right to vote, to be elected and to vote in this Council;

(2) Participate in the activities of the Association, participate in seminars, forums, project fairs, inspections and other activities organized by the Association;

(3) Obtaining the priority of the services of the Association, and obtaining assistance in the study and exchange of overseas business and the introduction of overseas high-level talents and advanced technologies;

(4) Understand the work of the Association and the work plan;

(5) Obtaining relevant information services provided by the Association;

(6) The right to criticize and supervise the work of the Association;

(7) Freedom to join and withdraw from the conference;

(8) Refer members to this association.

Article 11Members fulfill the following obligations

(1) Abiding by the Constitution of the Association and implementing the resolutions of the Association;

(2) Maintaining the legitimate rights and interests of the Association;

(3) completing the work assigned by the Association;

(4) paying the dues as required;

(5) to report the situation to the Association and provide relevant information;

(6) When the member registration information changes, inform the secretariat of the meeting in time.

Article 12 The withdrawal of membership shall be notified to the Association in written notice. Members who do not pay membership dues for one year or do not participate in the activities of the Association are deemed to withdrawn automatically .

Article 13 If a member has a serious violation of the Articles of Association, he shall be removed by the vote of the Council.

Chapter IV Organization

Article 14 The highest authority of the Association is the General Assembly. Its main responsibilities are:

(1) Formulating and amending the articles of association;

(2) Election and removal of directors and supervisors;

(3) Reviewing the work report and financial report of the board of directors and the board of supervisors;

(4) Deciding on major changes and terminations;

(5) Formulating and modifying the standard of membership fees;

(6) Decide on other major issues.

Article 15 The general meeting shall be convened at least once a year, and more than 2/3 of the members shall be present to attend the meeting. The resolution shall be valid only after 2/3 of the members of the meeting have passed the voting.

Article 16 The General Assembly shall be held for 5 years. 30 days before the general meeting, materials should be prepared and sent to the social organization registration management authority for review, and confirmation can be held after meeting the meeting conditions. If it is necessary to advance or postpone the change due to special circumstances, it shall be approved by the board of directors and submitted to the social organization registration management authority for approval after approval by the party building management authority. However, the extension of the extension is not more than one year.

Article 17 The Board of Directors shall implement the resolutions of the General Assembly during the period when the General Assembly is not in session, and lead the Council to carry out daily work and be responsible to the General Assembly.

Article 18 The duties of the Council are:

(1) Implementing the resolutions of the general assembly;

(2) Election and removal of the president, vice president and secretary-general;

(3) Preparing to hold a general meeting of members;

(4) Reporting the work and financial status to the general assembly;

(5) Deciding the absorption or take off names of the members;

(6) Deciding the establishment of the office, branch, representative office, entity and change of the office;

(7) Deciding the establishment of the office, branch, representative office, entity and change of the office;(6) Deciding the establishment of the office, branch, representative office, entity and change of the office;

(8) Leading the work of the various institutions of the Association;

(9) Formulating an internal management system;

(10) Accepting the handling opinions of the Board of Supervisors on the violation of the rules of the Association, proposing solutions and accepting their supervision;

(11) Decide on other major issues.

Article 19 There should be more than 2/3 of the directors present before the board of directors can be convened, and its resolutions must be approved by more than 2/3 of the members of the board of directors.

Article 20 The Council shall meet at least once a year.

Article 21 The president, vice president and secretary general of the Association must meet the following conditions:

(1) Adhere to the party's line, principles, and policies, and have good political qualities;

(2) Having a greater influence in the business field of the Association;

(3) The Secretary-General is full-time, and the maximum age of appointment is not more than 70 years old;

(4) Being healthy and able to maintain normal work;

(5) Not being criminally deprived of political rights;

(6) Having full capacity for civil conduct.

Article 22 The legal representative of the Association shall be the Secretary-General of the Association and may not serve until the approval of the registration authority of the society.

The legal representative of this association may not act as the legal representative of other social groups at the same time.

The term of office of the president shall not exceed two.

Article 23 The President of the Association shall exercise the following powers:

(1) Convening and presiding over the Council;

(2) Examine the implementation of the resolutions of the General Assembly and the Council.

Article 24 This Council shall have a secretariat to handle the daily affairs of the Association. The Secretary-General works under the leadership of the Council and exercises the following powers:

(1) to conduct daily work and organize the implementation of the annual work plan;

(2) Coordinating the work of various branches, representative offices and entities;

(3) Nominating the Deputy Secretary-General and the principals of the various agencies, branches, representative offices and entities, and submitting them to the Board of Directors for decision;

(4) Deciding the employment of full-time staff of the office, representative office or entity;

(5) Signing relevant important documents on behalf of the Association.

(6) Handling other daily affairs.

Article 25 The Board of Supervisors shall be composed of three members, elected by the General Assembly and responsible to the General Assembly. Its main responsibilities are:

(1) Electing the chairman of the board of supervisors;

(2) attending the board of directors;

(3) Supervising the Association and its leading members to carry out activities in accordance with the Regulations on the Registration and Administration of Social Groups and relevant laws and regulations;

(4) Urging the Association and its leading members to carry out activities in accordance with the approved articles of association, business scope and internal management system;

(5) Supervising the violation of the discipline of the Association and the damage to the reputation of the Association;

(6) Supervising the financial status of the Association;

(7) Submitting opinions on the violations of the law and discipline, submitting them to the board of directors and supervising their implementation.


Chapter V Asset Management

Article 26Sources of funding for the Association:

(1) Membership fees;

(2) Donation;

(3) Government funding;

(4) Income from activities or services carried out within the approved business scope;

(5) Interest;

(6) Other legal income.

Article 27  The Association collects membership dues in accordance with relevant state regulations. To formulate or revise the standard of membership fees, a general meeting shall be convened. More than two-thirds of the members shall be present, and more than 2/3 of the members present at the meeting shall vote and vote by secret ballot.

Article 28 The funds of the Association must be used for the business scope and career development as stipulated in the Articles of Association, and shall not be distributed among the members.

Article 29 This Council establishes a strict financial management system to ensure that accounting materials are legal, authentic, accurate and complete.

Article 30 The Association is staffed with professionally qualified accountants. Accounting should not act as cashier. Accounting personnel must conduct accounting and implement accounting supervision. When the accountant transfers the job or leaves the company, he must clear the handover procedures with the receiver.

Article 31 The asset management of the Association shall implement the financial management system stipulated by the State and accept the supervision of the General Assembly and relevant departments. Where the source of assets belongs to government grants or social donations or subsidies, it must receive the supervision of the auditing agency and publicize the relevant information to the public in an appropriate manner.

Article 32 Before the change of the session or the replacement of the legal representative, it must accept the financial audit organized by the social organization registration management organ.

Article 33 No unit or individual of the assets of the Association shall seize, privately divide or misappropriate.

Article 34 The wages, insurance and welfare benefits of the full-time staff of the Association shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State on institutions.

Chapter VI Termination Procedure

Article 35 If the Association completes its purpose, disbands itself or needs to cancel due to reasons such as separation or merger, the Board of Directors shall propose a termination motion.

Article 36 The termination motion of this association shall be approved by the general meeting of the members and reported to the registration and management organ of the social organization for examination and approval.

Article 37 Before the termination of the Association, a liquidation organization shall be established under the guidance of the social organization registration management authority and relevant authorities to clear the creditor's rights and debts and deal with the aftermath. During the liquidation period, activities other than liquidation shall not be carried out.

Article 38 This Council shall terminate upon the cancellation of registration procedures by the registration and management organ of the social organization.

Article 39 The remaining property after the termination of the Association shall be used for the development of the business related to the purposes of the Association in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State under the supervision of the social organization registration and management authority.

Chapter VII Appendixes

Article 40 These Articles are adopted by unanimous vote of the Second First General Meeting of Members on May 19, 2019.

Article 41 The power of interpretation of the Articles of Association belongs to the Council.

Article 42 These Articles of Association shall take effect from the date of approval by the registration and administration organ.

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