Committee of International Students in China

Committee of International Students in China(Fraternity)

To cultivate international youth in China We are exploring incentive systems of inviting foreign students to work and start innovative business in China, Optimizing study environment, and helping them to set up "study in China" brand.
Implementation of “Hundreds & Thousands” project. Facilitating 100 universities and 1000 enterprises to cooperate, during three to five years, to achieve 10,000 students in China to practice, work and start business. Exploiting their advantages of "bilingual"and"national travel experience", so as to provide intellectual support on "Belt and Road" initiative and “Chinese enterprises going global”.
Enriching cultural life for overseas students. Fraternity of International Students in China carries out many activities such as "World Speaking" for having them told their Chinese stories and spreading the voice of China. The incubator for overseas students( International Hacker Space), they will guide future cooperation with best students , so as to spread the pattern all over the country

The founding of Committee of International Students in China, Dec.17,2016

Activity of Committee of International Students in China

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