Dear foreign teachers and international friends in China: 

On July 21st, the Ministry of Education issued the draft measures for the Employment and Management of Foreign Teachers. 

In order to improve the management and service of foreign teachers, the The Foreign Teachers Committee of Beijing Global Talent Exchange Association is soliciting the opinions, and reporting the original or summary of important opinions and suggestions to relevant departments. 

Please submit your feedback by August 21, 2020 through the following methods:

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Beijing Global Talent Exchange Association

The Foreign Teachers’ Committee of BGTEA

July 21st, 2020

Measures for the Employment and Management of Foreign Teachers (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)

Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1 (Legislative Basis)  In order to promote international cooperation and exchanges in education, and to regulate the employment and management of foreign teachers, in accordance with the Education Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Teachers’ Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China, and the People’s Republic of Chinathe Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Administration of Entry and Exit of Foreigners, and other laws and regulations formulate these measures.


Article 2 (Concept Definition)  The term "foreign teachers" refers to foreigners who are employed by educational institutions, have obtained Work Permits and Work Visas, and legally engage in education and teaching in China.

The term "Educational institutions" mentioned in these Measures refer to schools at all levels and of all kinds, kindergartens, self-study institutions and after-school training institutions established according to law to implement academic record education.


Article 3 (Basic Guidance) The employment of foreign teachers shall follow the policies of opening up, employing on demand, guaranteeing quality, optimizing service and managing by classification.


Article 4 (Recruitment Scope) The foreign teachers to be employed shall meet the actual requirements of education and teaching work, and the demand in China is temporarily in short supply, and they should not violate relevant Chinese regulations.


Article 5 (Specific Obligations) Foreign teachers shall abide by China’s laws and regulations, teachers' professional ethics, and the principle of separation of education from religion. education teaching activities and teaching content should conform to China's education policy and the basic requirements, shall not harm China's sovereignty, security, social public interests.


Article 6 (Management System) The education administrative department of the State Council is responsible for the overall supervision of the employment of foreign teachers by educational institutions; the Foreign Affairs, Science and Technology, Public Security, National Immigration and other administrative departments of the State Council are responsible for the visas, work permits, entry and residence of foreign teachers in accordance with the division of responsibilities.

The administrative departments of education under the local people's governments shall be responsible for the supervision and administration of the employment of foreign teachers by educational institutions within their respective administrative areas; Foreign Affairs Departments, Departments of Science and Technology, Public Security and other relevant departments of the local people's governments shall be responsible for the administration of foreign teachers in their respective administrative areas according to their respective functions and duties.


Chapter II Conditions and Procedures

Article 7 (Basic Requirements) Foreign teachers who meet the requirements for applying for work permit and work visa in China and have the professional qualifications for education and teaching as stipulated in these Measures may be employed as foreign teachers by educational institutions.


Article 8 (Qualifications) Foreign teachers shall have thes